Cross Tattoo Designs And Symbolisms

The symbol of the cross is one of the most world wide recognized symbols. As a tattoo, cross designs have been used for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. There are many different types of cross patterns that come from various cultures; each cross has its own specific meaning. Some of these patterns are especially popular as cross tattoo designs. The following information contains a brief description of cross tattoo designs and their meanings.

The Latin cross tattoo design, which looks like a lower case t, is symbolic of religion; this cross design is often enhanced by doves, flowers, and other religious symbols such as angles and saints. The Gothic cross tattoo design looks a lot like the Latin cross, but the Gothic cross is thicker, darker in color, and usually contains such images as thorns, red roses, blood, or barbed wire. The Latin cross tattoo, and the Gothic cross tattoo, are some of the more popular cross tattoo designs.

The Celtic cross tattoo has been rising in popularity in recent years. The Celtic cross design contains intricately knotted patterns, a circle in the middle, and is very detailed in its design. The Celtic cross has pagan origins and was believed to symbolize the sun, thus it is sometimes called the sun cross. The Celtic cross has also been used, more recently, as a symbol of Christianity.

Some of the lesser known, but no less beautiful, cross tattoo designs include the Maltese, Lorraine, and Ankh cross. The Maltese cross design has four equal arms, each arm ending in a V shape. The eight pointed Maltese cross design originated from the Knights of Maltese and each point represents aspects of character, like virtue and loyalty, which were important to the Maltese Knights. The Lorraine cross was used as a symbol of Joan of Arc and French patriotism; the Lorraine cross tattoo design is often combined with the French flag. The Ankh cross , also known as the Egyptian cross, was originally an Egyptian hieroglyph that symbolized life and immortality; the design of the Ankh cross looks like a capital T with a circle at the top.

The-symbolic dragon tattoos

Dragon tattoos

Dragon tattoos are widespread around the world. At present more than thirty percents of people that are intending to ink, a tattoo ink select dragon tattoos. Possibly the reason for such remarkable acclaim is that dragons are representations of several legends in nearly all cultures. Dragons may possibly have multiple personality, but they are definitely powerful creatures. The other reason possibly could be that there are numerous patterns of dragon tattoos that differ in design and in significance. But there are two main types of dragon tattoos: Western dragon and Eastern dragon.

The importance of Eastern dragon tattoos is always favorable. In Chinese mysticism dragon is a sign of integrity and knowledge. In the East dragon tattoos are exceptionally fashionable. They highlight the wisdom and are oftentimes made as talismans. In China, people perceive that dragon tattoos designs bring good luck and pleasure.

Western dragon is also an important character of multiple legends and myths. But mostly it’s significance far from positive. In European legends, dragons were powerful but dangerous creatures. They ruined villages with fire and were usually concerned with greed.

But in Britain there was completely different frame of mind to dragons. Dragons were regarded as sacred characters in Celtic myths and they quite often represented Britons. So, there is a specific type of tattoo design – Welsh dragons tattoos that usually reveal the proud for past and Celtic origin of the owner. These tattoo designs have positive meaning and are broadly existed in Britain and Europe. But, as per all beliefs and legends we know that dragons are very powerful. Possibly, they are the most recognized legendary characters in the world. Mentions of dragons are usually found in all cultures and not depending on the connotation dragons are always greatly appreciated and dragon tattoos designs – wonderfully accepted. Nor less important is the great variety of dragon tattoos designs. They are created in entirely distinct patterns and colors. You could choose common Chinese dragon tattoos or stylish tribal design; dragon tattoos could possibly be designed in traditional black ink or in bright colors. Everyone could get a dragon tattoo for himself or produce a separate design. And this is undoubtedly another grounds for dragon tattoos acclaim. But the importance of such tattoo is always personal. Several people form dragon tattoos as a symbol of strength and might. Others attach it with learning and believe that a dragon tattoo highlights their intellect. But overall a dragon tattoo is always a form of statement. It reflects individual’s personality and will. In certain traditions, these tattoo inks also present respect for traditions of ascendants.

Dragon tattoos are ordinarily rather huge and are generally formed bright. Dragon tattoos are used as back tattoo work – than the dragon is designed on the size of the entire back.