Feminine Koi Fish Tattoo

Paul here. This is a guest article by my friend tattoo expert Cindy Mitchell:

One of the most common types of Japanese tattoos are Koi fish tattoos. Koi fish are highly prized in Japan and are breed to be a vibrant beautiful fish that their owner can be proud of. So these tattoos are a beauty and are colourful. Koi fish are a bright bold colored carp. Koi tattoos are bright and bold and are done in the same style characteristic of other Japanese tattoos. They are often an addition to the Lotus Flower tattoo, another fond Japanese tattoos.

You are thinking of getting yourself a Koi fish tattoo? Do you know the traditional meaning? They have long represented power and strength due to their powerful ability to leap their entire body out of the water, to display their beautiful colors. It is common to see the Koi fish leaping out of the water or splashing around in a tattoo. The natural beauty of the fish lends itself to be imitated and placed immortalized in tattoos. The bright oranges of the fish also make for a beautiful contrast against the bright blue water they are often portrayed in and goes well with the scin color.

There are many variations of tattoo, like ones that are done in black and white to help represent the ying-yang or a balance of dark and light, that is very common in Japanese tattoos. There are also those that are less adventorous in color and take their coloration from those of the actual fish and present them in their natural colours of white, red, black, yellow and orange.

Which brings us to next part of the Koi fish tattoo, placement. In the ancient times these tattoos were placed in areas of honour to give honour to these highly valued fish, nowdays though with the combining of western civilization and eastern history they are found anywhere on the body so you can choose. Good places to think about include the calf, forearm or the lower back. If you’re a women I suggest you think about the lower back first it looks really great.

No matter the particular style or coloration of the Koi fish tattoo you choose, it is really a bold statement of power and strength and beauty that has a long history and shows no signs of disappearing beneath the waves of fad tattoos anytime soon. It looks great on a female body if you ask me.