Ed Hardy In The Tattoo Industry

After years and years of perfecting his style and techniques, enjoying the limelight and recognitions from his tattoo artistry, Don Ed Hardy now chose a more quieter life in retirement. He now spends his time overseeing and mentoring artists at his San Francisco studio, Tattoo City. Don Ed Hardy is one of the widely recognized person in the US renowned for his unique tattoo artwork. As a pupil of Sailor Jerry (another famous name in the tattoo industry), Hardy is popularly recognized for incorporating Japanese tattoo aesthetic and technique into his work in which have led him to establish a strong name in the tattoo industry. Since the 1980s, he has concentrated heavily on non-tattoo based art forms, especially printmaking, drawing, and painting. Other than printmaking, Ed hardy clothes drawing, and painting, have also become a designer of clothing lines known now as Ed Hardy Clothes. In 2002 Hardy was approached by Ku USA, Inc. Hardy and Ku USA formed Hardy Life LLC, which holds the trademark ownership as well as the copyrights to all his images. Buy discounted wholesale cheap Ed hardy bikini lines by visiting an online wholesale clothing shop. To produce a line of clothing based on Hardy’s art and a licence agreement was signed. Within two years, the collection had drawn the interest of Saks companies. From a simple collection of clothing lines for men, Ed Hardy clothing lines have become a full line of clothing lines and accessories that includes women’s apparel such as bottoms, hoodies/outerwear, intimates/lingerie, and swimwear. Ed Hardy will soon be opening in Bahrain. Buy wholesale cheap Ed hardy clothes on any online wholesale clothing shop. There are currently at least fourteen Ed Hardy stores, located in Waikiki, Dubai, Kuwait, Tel Aviv, Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Tucson, Houston, Montreal, New York, Boston, Atlanta, Tokyo, Singapore, Berlin, Riga, three in Australia and two stores have recently been opened in India, one in New Delhi and the other in Mumbai.Other expansions also included bags/purses, caps, jewelries, scarves, shoes, socks, sunglasses, wallets, watches, and wristbands. Popular celebrities has also been spotted sporting an Ed Hardy branded clothing line such as Maddona’s daughter Lourdes Leon, Maddona herself, Djimoun, Zac Efron, Girls Next Door actress Kendra, Katie Price, Katy Perry, and Bill Clinton. Get a chance to get yourself your own collection of wholesale cheap Ed hardy shirts branded clothing line by visiting an online wholesale ed hardy clothing shop.