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Reasons Why People Decide To Get A Tattoo

Tattoos are extremely popular at the moment with people of all ages choosing to get various types of tattoos done on different parts of their body. If you’ve never got a tattoo done yourself, you’re probably wondering why people choose to get a tattoo done at all. Well listed below are 6 main reasons why people decide to get a tattoo.

1. Celebrities.

In recent years a number of very high-profile celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Penelope Cruz, Christina Aguilera, David Beckham and Brad Pitt have all got tattoos done and showed them off in public. This has resulted in a bit of a fashion craze for tattoos and is one reason why so many people are now choosing to get tattoos done.

2. Artistic.

There are so many highly skilled tattoo artists around nowadays which means that they are more than able to create tattoo designs of the very highest quality. A lot of people are therefore drawn by the fact that they can get incredible tattoo designs done that look both beautiful and artistic. They can even create their own complex custom tattoo design if they so wish.

3. Heritage.

More and more people are becoming interested in ancestry and finding out more about their family history. As a result of this they will often celebrate and proudly display their family roots via a prominent tattoo on their body. This could be through a Celtic tribal tattoo, for example, or another family-specific tribal tattoo.

4. Loved Ones.

Many people, both male and female, like to display their love of their marital partner by getting a tattoo done which proudly demonstrates their love of that person. Because tattoos are permanent it is a great way of displaying your eternal love for your partner.

5. Memorials.

In this age of world conflict memorial tattoos are now very popular amongst the friends and family of soldiers who have lost their lives fighting for their country. These tattoos, often in the shape of a cross or tombstone, act as a permanent reminder of the departed loved one.

6. Religion.

Tattoos are popular amongst a wide range of different religious groups, but are particularly popular amongst Christians with the cross tattoo being an extremely popular choice of design. These tattoos act as a great way to visually convey your religious beliefs and values to other people.

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Sanskrit Tattoo Designs Bringing Sanskrit To Life On Your Skin

Once more, tattoos are back in fashion – not the large tribal tattoos covering your shoulders and arms, but smaller elegant Sanskrit tattoo designs. With many Hollywood stars now sporting their own tattoos, even mainstream tattoos accept the subtler tattoo designs. If you want to show your independence and spirituality with a small Sanskrit tattoo or Celtic cross tattoo, it’s now okay. Mothers will no longer try and hide their children away from you.

Sanskrit is an ancient language, dated all the way back to 1500 BC. While modern languages like English can be ambiguous, Sanskrit is very precise. Because it is also used as a religious language, Sanskrit has a very strictly regulated grammar. This makes sense – when you call on the favor of your gods, you really don’t want any room for misinterpretation or misunderstanding. The old fable of King Midas and his golden touch comes to mind.

This very precision makes Sanskrit tattoos ideal for use as in memory tattoo designs. Translate the names of your loved ones into Sanskrit and get them tattooed on your skin.

If you want to celebrate or give thanks for something miraculous which happened in your life, Sanskrit tattoo designs are also ideal. Ditto for prayers and wishes.

Lovers of history and all things ancient will also love tattoo designs in Sanskrit. One of the oldest religious texts in the world, the Rig Veda, is in Sanskrit. One of the first epic poems in Asia, the Ramayana, is also in Sanskrit. This is the inspiration for all subsequent epic poems in both India, South East Asia and South Asia. Two of the longest epic poems in the world, the Mahabharata and Bagavadgita, are both in Sanskrit. In 1786, Sir William Jones, the father of comparative linguistics and Indo-European studies, came to the conclusion that Sanskrit, ancient Greek and Latin shared too many common elements to have developed separately. They must have originated from some even more ancient language.

The common Sanskrit script is called Devanagara. It is horizontal in nature, with many flowing curves and perfect for artistic rendering. This written form can be naturally inked as an armband tattoo or something else more elaborate. Together with Celtic cross tattoos, Sanskrit tattoo designs are a beautiful and elegant decorations for your skin.

Family Tattoo Quotes

Tattoos are becoming more and more popular nowadays, and people are taking a fancy to them because it allows them to have permanent reminders of their loved ones, of obstacles they managed to overcome, or of things or ideas they are passionate about. Moreover, today you can see tattoos on types of people that would have never done something like this ten, or twenty years ago. You may be surprised to see grandmothers with tattoos of flowers or of their grandchildrens faces. Thus, it can be said that tattoos are becoming quite a family business and they no longer have to be associated with criminal types or with eccentrics and rebels.

Family tattoo quotes are one of the types of tattoos that you can see on all kinds of people; whether its something they said, or something an important personality said, people enjoy inking this sort of messages on their skin. Family tattoo quotes can be taken from books, the Bible, lyrics of songs and basically whatever inspires you or gives you strength. Perhaps this new-found popularity is also explained by the fact that tattoo parlors are becoming more and more professional, employing only the best and most talented artists. What they can accomplish is so impressive and stunning that it becomes easy to understand why even religious people or conservative individuals cant resist the temptation of embellishing their bodies with an ink masterpiece.

Some tattoo artists have even gained the popularity of celebrities because of their skill and craftsmanship, and there are people making reservations in advance just to have a tattoo designed by such an artist. Some of the more popular family tattoo quotes sound something like this: There is no place like home, a quote from the famous book The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum and which represents the magic words the heroine, Dorothy, utters when she wishes to go back to her aunt and uncles farm.

Other family tattoo quotes may be like A family is a gift that lasts forever by Terry Burritt, but you can basically choose whatever quote you like best. What you need to do though, is make sure you choose a good tattoo parlor that only works with the best artists and the best materials, because removing a poorly drawn tattoo can be painful and expensive. If youre still not convinced, search the Internet for images of family tattoo quotes and see how other people did it. You can have your tattoo placed on your wrist, an arm, on the back, or wherever you feel comfortable having it.

Name Tattoo Designs – What To Consider When Choosing Someone’s Name

I think everyone has thought about tattooing someone’s name on themselves. That special someone, family member, name of your pet, great friend etc. It is a great way to show how much they may mean to you and your loyalty to them. In this article I will talk a little about who’s names should be considered as well as the reasons why. Also I will discuss names that might need a little more thought before committing to ink.

Name tattoos are very personal. They mean a lot to both the person with the tattoo as well as the person who has the name. When considering a name tattoo design consider not only how much they mean to you but whether that person would appreciate you displaying their name in public. Sometimes people are sensitive about this and, at the least, they deserve is a vote in it. Would you like to be involved with that decision if the shoe were on the other foot?

Next, If this person is very special to you (not a family member), are there going to be ramifications if this relationship changes? Some people would still consider the tattoo to be a sign of their past together and herald this as a chapter in their life. Others may not look too kindly upon carrying around another’s name after the relationship has changed. Also, what about the named person? What would they think. What would the next “special person” in your life think about the “old” tattoo? These are all good questions.

If the person to be named in your tattoo design is a family member, once again, give them the respect of asking them what they think. I think it is a wonderful way to permanently recognize the meaning and relationship of special family members. Think “Mom” on the sailors arm. Some people ink the whole family in certain designs like trees or hearts to symbolize the unity of the family.

Another way in which names are used in tattoos is in memorials. When someone special passes away, inking a tattoo of their name is a sign of respect for the person who has passed on. They are sometimes seen written in hearts with ribbons or flowers. This is a very personal way of showing that they will be missed and that they are always thought about. Consider this option if someone close to you has died and you would like for them to remain near to your heart and memory.

I hope this discussion has made you think about the use of name tattoo designs and the importance to you, as well as the named person as well. I wish you well on your decision.