Laser Tattoo Removal Successes

Tattoo Removal Success Stories

There is a lot of talk about how laser tattoo removal has a lot of poor results and how sometimes it can end up horribly wrong; patients end up getting severe burns and left with nasty scarring. Well, sometimes there are some ways for a laser tattoo removal session to go wrong but there are also a lot of ways for it to go correctly. Now, as a laser tattoo removal studio in Chicago, we obviously deal with a lot of patients and have a few stories of removals gone wrong but we have even more stories of removals gone perfectly.

Just like any cosmetic procedure, you can have times when a routine procedure has a problem but that does not mean that the procedure is terrible or that the doctor doing the procedure is necessarily bad either. Now, I should clarify that this article is not in retaliation to anyone or anything; it is just to let readers know that just because something has a mistake here or there does not ruin the integrity of the procedure or those who practice it.

There have been plenty of examples of success stories with laser tattoo removal. For example, there was a man from a few years back who had tattoos from a gang he belonged to; he had the tattoos all over his upper-body, including his head. After he left the gang, he wanted them gone so he would be able to leave behind his old life and start a new one, free from any ties to any gangs. Well, when he came to us we knew we had to help him. After several treatments with the R20 procedure, we were able to remove all of his tattoos except for one, which we were able to reduce enough to get covered up with a new tattoo; this tattoo depicted his new positive outlook on life.

Another success story was from a woman who decided to get a nice back tattoo after a night out with her friends for a bachelorette party. Well, of course she wanted that tattoo gone since it was done while she was rather drunk and the tattoo was particularly graphic. We will just leave it at that. After six tattoo removal sessions, we were able to remove the tattoo and the woman was able to move on; of course she still remembered the night of the party but just did not want to carry the memories on her back.

Those are just a couple of our success stories from our laser tattoo removal studio in Chicagoland , Erase Tattoo Removal. If you were to talk to other tattoo removal studios, you would find the same style of stories. If you are ever in need of any tattoo removal work, give us a ring, we give free consultations.