Tattoo Inks

Different types of tattoo inks are available in the market. Some are synthetic colors whereas some are organic. Such tattoo inks are available in a number of colors too.

Tattoo inks are inserted in the skin of the client by puncturing holes using tattoo needles. The tattoo ink is actually a suspension of pigment in a carrier solution. The function of the carrier solution is to mix the pigment evenly so that it gives a smooth finishing on the skin. The pigment particles are of a size that it is not broken down by the defense mechanism of the body. The tattoo inks stay in the second layer of the skin which is why a tattoo stays intact forever on the skin.

The tattoo inks are also organic. They are made up of vegetable dyes, metallic and mineral salts. Sometimes a mixture of more than one pigment is also used. In order to add color to the ink, metallic oxides are used. Other carrier solutions used to make tattoo ink are vodka, purified water and glycols. Vodka is the most widely used as it the safest. An added advantage of using these carrier solutions is that they act as disinfectants too.

We all know that tattoo inks are not always safe. A no. of people complain of skin allergies, so it important that proper and good quality tattoo inks are used. There is an important fact that some tattoo artists do not know is the use of alcohols in inks. It should be strictly avoided. The presence of alcohols increases the chances of disease transmission.

Proper sterilisation of tattoo guns is extremely important due to use of these colors. The needle should be very clean. For every new customer, a new needle should be used. Make sure that the needle pack is broken in front of the customer only so that the customer is assured for safety. There is no point in getting a tattoo done and later getting skin allergies and infections. All this can be prevented with a precaution taken by the tattoo artist.

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