Name Tattoo Designs – What To Consider When Choosing Someone’s Name

I think everyone has thought about tattooing someone’s name on themselves. That special someone, family member, name of your pet, great friend etc. It is a great way to show how much they may mean to you and your loyalty to them. In this article I will talk a little about who’s names should be considered as well as the reasons why. Also I will discuss names that might need a little more thought before committing to ink.

Name tattoos are very personal. They mean a lot to both the person with the tattoo as well as the person who has the name. When considering a name tattoo design consider not only how much they mean to you but whether that person would appreciate you displaying their name in public. Sometimes people are sensitive about this and, at the least, they deserve is a vote in it. Would you like to be involved with that decision if the shoe were on the other foot?

Next, If this person is very special to you (not a family member), are there going to be ramifications if this relationship changes? Some people would still consider the tattoo to be a sign of their past together and herald this as a chapter in their life. Others may not look too kindly upon carrying around another’s name after the relationship has changed. Also, what about the named person? What would they think. What would the next “special person” in your life think about the “old” tattoo? These are all good questions.

If the person to be named in your tattoo design is a family member, once again, give them the respect of asking them what they think. I think it is a wonderful way to permanently recognize the meaning and relationship of special family members. Think “Mom” on the sailors arm. Some people ink the whole family in certain designs like trees or hearts to symbolize the unity of the family.

Another way in which names are used in tattoos is in memorials. When someone special passes away, inking a tattoo of their name is a sign of respect for the person who has passed on. They are sometimes seen written in hearts with ribbons or flowers. This is a very personal way of showing that they will be missed and that they are always thought about. Consider this option if someone close to you has died and you would like for them to remain near to your heart and memory.

I hope this discussion has made you think about the use of name tattoo designs and the importance to you, as well as the named person as well. I wish you well on your decision.