Symbolism Of Japanese Tattoo

Other major figure of the tattoo Asian tattoo with Chinese, Japanese tattoo is one of the major styles of art.
Also popular in the West it is feared in Japan, Japanese tattoo vehicle many fantasies as it is mainly linked to the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia.

In Japan, it is called irezumi to designate these traditional tattoos that cover large parts of the body.
These tattoos are real works of art and often take several years to be completed.

Although the Japanese tattoo is now a hallmark of the Yakuza, its history is much older and dates back to the time when Japanese fishermen tattooed their faces to protect themselves from evil spirits.

Japanese tattoo and yakuza

The Yakuza are largely responsible for the image that the Japanese tattoo today.
An estimated 73% of the number that would be tattooed yakuza. This step was seen as a test of endurance and courage tattoos they were doing were very codified.
Today, a new generation of yakuza are increasingly getting a tattoo western style, faster, less painful and less expensive.

In Japan, tattooing is an element of discrimination in society.
A paradox when we know that some Yakuza are now removing their tattoos for the sake of discretion, while many now wear Western-style Japanese tattoos.

Western influence is thus that tattoos discrimination is less important.
However, you can still find in many public baths a poster prohibiting entry to those who have a tattoo.

The idea comes from Japanese tattoo full suit of samurai called jimbaori a sleeveless coat.
It was very easy to set jacket over armor. On the back of the pattern was painted jimbaori favorite samurai. They had a clear preference for the heroes, the guardian gods or dragons.
The first Japanese tattoos are made on the back and then they gradually extended shoulders, arms, thighs, eventually covering the entire body.

The Japanese tattoo is highly codified and its regulation follows strict rules.

Kame-no-Koh or turtle back covers the entire back to mid-thigh.
Donburi Soushinbori body is completely tattooed the base of the neck to the wrists and ankles.
Hikae is a tattoo that covers the shoulder and pectoral.