Tattoo Charity

When you think of charities you probably don’t even think about tattoos in the same sentence. Well I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to find out that this one tattoo parlor in Phoenix was holding a A 15-hour long fundraiser for Phoenix Children’s Hospital. A 30 minute session with one of the tattoo artists from Living Canvas Tattoos cost only $15! You honesty can not beat that price when an average 30 minute session would probably start at around $60 and up depending on the tattoo artist.

This charity event was a birthday celebration for the tattoo studio. They were celebrating 15 years of services so they thought 15 years with $15 tattoos for 15 hours would be a great event. The owner of the tattoo studio said, -There are so many charities, how do you go wrong with kids?-. Which I think is fantastic. It just goes to show that even tough man covered in tattoos that probably lead not so normal life style still have a huge heart for children and charities. The Owner Mark Walters, knew this event would more than likely be a huge hit and expected the rough bikers dudes to show as well as the average soccer mom because the money was going to such a good cause. However, Mark did state that any tattoo design will be accepted as long as it fell into the 30 minute session if not the $15 would not apply.

I truly think this whole concept is wonderful. I wish more tattoo studios would do things like this. It benefits not only tattoo enthusiasts but it also goes to a great cause! So listen up tattoo studio owners think real hard about following in Living Canvas Tattoos footsteps. The satisfaction of doing something great for someone else far out ways any dollar amount you could earn from given a tattoo.

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