The Meaning Behind Butterfly Tattoo Designs – A Wild New Idea

Throughout the world, many women have butterfly tattoo designs inked on their bodies. This is perhaps a common and popular design which women love. As a matter of fact, the butterfly design is more popular than the angel and rose tattoo design. This can be seen in the number of online searches being made everyday. Since the design can easily be changed and have any color, this makes it a very fashionable choice. There are several patterns which you can choose from. And for that, here are some of the popular reasons why people choose this design:

There are some women who choose to get the popular tattoo design because it has a salient and striking beauty. It might be because these animals are not hard to admire. They have such vibrant colors for their wings and that they have a generally subtle nature. For this reason, nature has been able to remind everyone that beauty is something that should be treasured.

These tattoos can also symbolize freedom, prosperity, transformation, happiness, good luck, gracefulness, and beauty. In the culture of the Chinese, the symbol represented by two butterflies which are flying together means love. Once the essential and important representations of the butterfly is combined with the intricate design and outstanding color, you will get a tattoo with one of the best butterfly designs.

Another reason why many women choose the design is because of its distinctiveness, uniqueness and the striking colors which can make it undeniably attractive. Not only that, but there are 15,000-30,000 known species of butterflies throughout the world. For this reason alone, you already have a wide variety which you can choose from.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, the butterfly tattoo is feminine. Often, they represent beauty. They can also symbolize life’s delicateness and for that, they are full of qualities of the female gender. For this reason alone, the butterfly tattoo is being chosen by the women. Normally, they are being placed on the shoulder, abdomen, back, neck or even the chest. As a result, they have become a stylish statement which women add to their bodies.

Lastly, most women like to have butterfly tattoo designs since they can basically be placed on any body part. If they prefer to show it off to people, then they can choose to have the tattoo inked on their ankle, arm, or on their upper back. But if they prefer to hide the tattoo and keep it hidden, then the best place to get the tattoo is in the middle back, top of the foot or even the back of the neck, especially if you have long hair.