The Types of Tattoo Ink

As an entertaining art for people of all the age ranges, tattoo body art becomes really popular these days. Before getting a tattoo, you should know something about the different types of tattoo ink and have a brief idea of which type is most applicable to your skin, or you may run into allergic reactions. Here I will show the types of tattoo ink, mainly about their ingredients and people’s pros and cons.

Starts from the most frequently used one, Intenze Tattoo Ink, the ingredients haven’t shown to the public. As the price is really favorable and the ink is pretty practical in use, it soon becomes one of the most famous brands.

Then, Homemade Tattoo Ink. Its ingredients are dry tattoo ink pigment that can be easily found in stores that offers tattoo supply, witch hazel, propylene glycol and medical grade glycerin. This kind of tattoo ink does well in getting the most ideal colors for shading, but you need the guide of a professional tattoo artist, as the whole process requires for proper amounts of ingredients and blending time, only with enough experience can you do that correctly.

Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink is considered as safe ink as they are made from animal, plant or synthetic sources.

Then, Henna Tattoo Ink, also known as Mendhi, is usually made of henna paste, lemon juice, sugar, and olive or mustard oil. Not many artists around using this kind of tattoo ink, as they may fade after a certain period and the ink colors are limited.

And then, the White Tattoo Ink. It can contain metal oxides, vegetable dyes, synthetic compounds or ever plastic-based polymers. This kind of ink wins a quite large popularity recently, but the big drawback is a lot of ink is needed to shade on a darker skin color and the color fades easily.

Starbrite Tattoo Ink is named after the designers, so we can’t know the ingredients. More tattoo ink colors are offered, but the price is really expensive. The last one is UV Tattoo Ink. You may call it Black light tattoo ink or Chameleon. It contains 97.5% PMMA and 2.5% fluorescent dye that has been sterilized in UV light and distilled water. The UV tattoos can be seen with the help of a black light and UV tattoo ink will never cause cancer.

So you may make you own choice, buy tattoo ink of any type that is suitable to you. To color your tattoo designs is to color your body, and your whole life may be colored as well.