Top 5 popular tattoo machines

Tattoo machines are the most important tool required in the process of tattooing. Both experienced tattoo artists and tattoo beginners know the importance of a good tattoo machine and always wanting to buy at least a good tattoo machine or even more. But are you always puzzled about which tattoo equipment supplier is the best and which tattoo machine is best suitable one for you. Well, is a reliable tattoo equipment supplier for you, all tattoo supplies, include tattoo machines, tattoo kits, beginner tattoo kits, tattoo needles, tattoo inks and other small tattoo accessories can be purchased here. The following are the top 5 selling tattoo machines are Getbetterlife.

Top1: WS-M025 – New Tattoo Machine Gun 10 Wraps Coil Liner Unique Design (US$6.65)

This tattoo machine can be used for both lining and shading with Low noise and Stable Performance. It is popular with its unique design and cheap price (only US$6.65) and reliable quality. Top2: WS-M019 – Special Design Tattoo Machine Gun, Red Color (US$ 7.6)

Also a tattoo machine used for outling and shading. It material is casting card and also 10 wrap coils with charming appearance and low noise.

Top3: WS-M328 – Tattoo machine/gun for outline 10 wrap coils (US$26.2)

This model of tattoo machine is popular because of its Foundry process with strong and durable finest cast iron, made of low carbon steel; the coils and armature bars performance proper balance for smooth running and eye-catching golden metal finish and flowing line letter G expresses its sturdy behaviors perfectly. It is especially for tattoo outline.

Top4: WS-M329 – Tattoo machine/gun for outline 10 wrap coils (US$ 26.2)

Another good tattoo machine for outline made of low carbon steel. The coils and armature bars performance proper balance for smooth running. Combination of Cool blackish and neat polished mirror finish contributes to striking contrasts. A decent machine for experienced artist and also upgrade version for intermediate beginners and aluminum alloy makes it light weight and easy to handle.

Top5: WS-MT015B – Classical Tattoo Machine/Gun for Shader & Liner (US$5.02)

Its classical design and high speed attracts most of our customers. Mad of stainless steel, this machine can be both for outline and shading.

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